Large Bathroom Wall Mirror

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Large Bathroom Wall Mirror Unless you are looking for something really unique, I recommend you get in your car rather than search the web to find a good large wall mirrors.

Head to Target, Walmart, Kmart and even Lowes (but not Home Depot) and check around. Pier 1 and Hobby Lobby or other large craft stores also frequently have great choices. My local Hobby Lobby actaully has a better mirror selection than Target, Walmart and Lowes combined.

While it may be tempting to put two mirrors together if you can’t find a big enough mirror for your bathroom, I don’t recommend this, and I really think you’ll wish you hadn’t done it. The line in the glass between the two mirrors gets extremely annoying. Its also really, really bad feng shui, but I mean that as more of a joke than a warning. It just annoying. If you can’t find a mirror big enough, try putting a second mirror either behind or on an near wall in the bathroom.

Also, because we’re talking about bathrooms, I do recommend you stick to glass and metal frames. Wood frames will be OK if you live in a dry environment, or if they’re really well sealed, or if you do not take a lot of hot steamy showers, but in any other case they aren’t the best choice for a bathroom. Its not so much that the wood will rot, but it gets dirty, and cleaning gilded wood in a bathroom is a real drag compared to being able to just run a cloth over a metal surface and have it be clean. Those huge, magnificient gilt carved mirrors in hair salons look fantastic, but they’re a pain to live with and they actually look kind of ugly when they’re dirty.

For online choices, check Amazon first. They have a free prime shipping deal that can save you a mint on shipping over the course of a year. West Elm also has some really beautiful mirrors, as does Pottery Barn, Vintage Tub and Bath and Restoration Hardware.

Do not cut corners when you hang the mirror. You will need to use heavy-duty anchors. Just hammering some nails into the wall and hanging the mirror off them is not going to cut it — the mirror is going to probably be way, way too heavy to be secure. Do yourself a favor and hit a hardware store and get a couple of plastic 30-50 pound wall anchors. To install them you will proably need to get out your powerdrill to make a big enough hole for them, but it is well worth the time and the hassle. That nice new bathroom mirror is going to cost you over $100 anyway, so spend the 15 minutes and the $2 to hang it so it does not crash to the floor.

Choosing Wall Mirrors | Wall Mirror

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Choosing Wall Mirrors | Wall Mirror World

As a homeowner you would probably know that home remodeling increases the resale value of your property, however many of them ignore that upgrading their home decor also counts towards the resale price. One easy way to upgrade your home decoration is adding large decorative wall mirrors in strategic places, not just for adding an item with resale in mind, but to improve the setting of different rooms and areas, making the living space more enjoyable for you and your family.Adding a black wall mirror or white wall mirror to a wall is matter of personal taste and matching decor, but the fact is that large wall mirrors do not only decorate, but also improve the layout of a room by adding visual space, shapes of special accents to a specific area. Whether you use frameless wall mirrors or framed wall mirrors, you can combine their style and shape to obtain an original decoration.You can find mirrors for sale in many online as well as brick and mortar stores, but unless you get the professional guidance of an expert, there are some points to take into account to make the purchase worth it. Buying cheap wall mirrors is okay but only if they meet some quality specification that you must keep in mind.Mirrors for sale must have overall quality, including the right thickness of their glass, purity of the glass sheets, flatness, and reflective coating. Remember that a mirror is basically a sheet of glass which silvering coating provides the reflecting area. The quality of large frameless wall mirrors depends on the purity of their raw materials and the manufacturing process. Pay attention to the surface of full-length wall mirrors because they must be totally flat to prevent distortions.Whether you search for cheap or costly wall mirrors quotes, what you need to verify is that the manufacturing thickness is either 1/8 inch, 3/16 inch, or 1/4 inch, being the last thickness the best to avoid undistorted reflections, and are the best mirrors regardless their size. Also, remember that the adhesive used to affix wall mirrors might be too weak for the weight of large wall mirrors, displacing the item off the place and increasing the eventual risk of fracture or breakage.Large decorative wall mirrors need to be treated with extreme care because many times include paintings that could be accidentally peeled during transportation or installation, reducing the value and aesthetical appearance of the decor upgrade. Choosing wall mirrors for your home decor project can be enjoyable, but the advice of a professional interior designer can contribute to making the right choice that is not only of your liking but also of real value for the future resale value of your home.

Large Antique Wall Mirror The first real mirrors

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Large Antique Wall Mirror The first real mirrors – mirrors made with a thin sheet of metal covered by a pane of glass – were first being made in 11th century Spain.

In the 16th century Venetian glass makers, world-reknown for their skills were successful with mirrors by coating glass with a tin and mercury blend, or amalgam. The technique spread to France and Germany over the next century. It was Germany’s chemist Justus von Liebig who first coated glass with silver nitrate, which became the standard and best method for making mirrors for centuries until in the 19th century the best method was lining rolled glass with silver foil. The 18th century mirrors tend to be very dark because the glass used in them in so thin. This was overcome in the 19th century through advances in glass-making that created thicker glass, and through the use of the silver foil.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, mirrors were still mostly for only the super-rich. They were definitely art objects, either inlaid with precious moods or stones or gilded with gold or silver, or elaborately carved. Most of these mirrors reflect the baroque or more loose rococo styles (similar to the Basilica in Saint Peter’s cathedral in Rome, if you remember your art history).

You call tell if a mirror is truly antique by checking the screws. Very carefully take one out. Is it uniform? A really old antique mirror will have hand-made screws — the thread will be slightly uneven and the center of the top of the screw may be off center. You’ll probably recognize the handcrafting immediately. If so, then you’ve got a truly antique mirror that may be valuable.

The best places to get antique mirrors are through local resale or antiques dealers. Estate sales and even garage sales are also excellent places to find treasures for cheap, but you may have to spend a lot of time visiting a lot of yard sales before you find anything worthwhile. And, of course, there’s Ebay.If you do find what you want on Ebay, I urge you to have the seller pack it as if it was being delivered by gorillas. I collect sun mirrors, and have had too many get broken in shipping because sellers did not properly pack them. The mirror should have an inside cover of paper, covered by cardboard. Then it should have another cover of thick (at least half an inch) of foam padding, and that should be covered by heavy-duty cardboard. Frankly, if you are buying a truly expensive, unique antigue mirror (and the really good ones will cost you at least $300, and a large one can be more than $750), I recommend you splurge and send the seller an extra $100 to have the mirror professionally packed in a wood box to ensure nothing happens to it. Wood carved mirrors also seem to be especially vulnerable.

If you find a mirror you really like and want to give it an antique look, there is a craft technique called “antiquing” that can give you a very good fake.